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Healer Training

Choosing the right healer training option is one of the hardest and most important decisions a spiritual healer makes. I have been training healers and energy workers for over ten years and if I was talking with you now, I would ask you to describe yourself and what approach you have to spiritual healing. I would also ask what makes your heart sing and what excites you about spiritual healing. But since I cannot discuss this with you personally, instead I would like to share a little information about my major healer training programs and who I feel would most benefit from them. 


Magical Zapper Tool

Basically the Magical Zapper Tool taps into all of clearing and healing work that I have downloaded and incorporates it into one very powerful clearing tool. I also have created a number of Magical Zapper MP3 Audio Recordings. The purpose of the Magical Zapper Tool is to clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve negative thoughts and feelings across time, space, directions, dimensions, vectors and angles. When you run the Magical Zapper Tool, some of the areas it scans, clears and healing negative thoughts, feelings, memories, patterns, influences, weaknesses, imbalances, programming and interference from:

Our Consciousness and Morphogenetic Fields;
Our Energetic Spaces, Fields, Organs, Systems and Bodies;
Our Aura, Chakras, Meridians and Acupuncture Energy Points;
Our Minds, Brains, Neuronets, Personality Self/Selves;
Our Genetics, DNA, RNA, Chromosomes and Genome;
This Life, Past Lives, Parallel Lives and Future Lives;
The Creation Point where the negative thought or feeling originated.



Mega Spiritual Healing Sessions Healer Training

The Mega Spiritual Healing Sessions Healer Training is the newest and most powerful healer training program that I offer. It combines the healing power of ALL seven of my energy healing modalities and tools (Practical Mastery, Angelic Mastery, Universal Clearing Profile, Blasting Sessions, Crystalline Rainbow Reiki, Angelic Heart Star Reiki, Self Help Tools, etc.) as well as the frequencies from thousands of vibrational color healing art images.  It is comprised of over 200 holistic healing sessions for Physical and Energetic Health, Emotional Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health, Financial Health and Relationship Health. I recommend this powerful spiritual healer training program to practitioners who really want to raise their vibration, ignite their healing gifts and take their energy healing practices to the next level.


Practical Mastery™ Healer Training Program

The goal of the Practical Mastery Healer Training Program is to empower you to apply spiritual laws to heal yourself, realize your full potential and create a life that works and supports you on all levels. Practical Mastery is comprised of over 600 self help, energy interference healing and empowerment sessions which help you to clear negative energy, and influences; let go of self sabotage and limiting beliefs; embody positive emotions and become more peaceful and centered. I offer two types of attunements for this – personal use for people who just want to transmit these powerful energy healing and self help sessions to themselves and a practitioner attunement for people who want to transmit these powerful healing sessions to others.


Healing & Self Help Tools

I am always looking for simple, easy and fast ways to stay clear, happy and healthy. After I finished writing my free Color Healing Art E-Book, I got that I could download some very simple, easy-to-use Healing and Self Help Tools that everyone could easily access and apply to receive as much clearing, healing and energetic support as they could with ease, grace and divine ideal integration. I created four healing and self tools for Clearing, Healing, Freedom and Joy! They are very powerful and very easy to use as well. I feel that this is such a valuable resource for people, that I created both a personal use and a practitioner version for these healing tools.


Healer Training & Support MP3s

Most of my clients are spiritual healers and highly evolved souls who are very sensitive to energy. The Healer Training and Support MP3 Package helps spiritual healers to prepare and clear themselves so that they can help people without taking on the other person’s stuff. Some of the seven sound healing recordings are for: Preparing for a Session; Clearing Yourself After a Session; Releasing Self Sabotage around Healing; Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries, etc. I recommend the Healer Training and Support MP3s to any healer or people who are highly sensitive to energy or who often feels drained, discombobulated and depleted after working with clients or interacting with other people.


Heart Oriented Ascension

I was on the spiritual path for over ten years before I heard the call to become a healer. In 2008 I downloaded hundreds of Heart Oriented Ascension activations. In 2013, Heart Oriented Ascension is about getting out of your head and into your heart; to live with passion from your heart; to choose love-oriented choices over fear; and to embody the love that you are on the physical plane of reality. In 2013, I began attuning Heart Oriented Ascension Practitioners to get this body of work out to a larger audience. I also created a spiritual support program to help YOU to Get Out of YOUR Head and Into YOUR Heart!


Angelic Feng Shui

I believe that a healthy and energetically clear home promotes the optimal health and well being of all people residing within that home. Recently I collaborated with gifted Feng Shui teacher and consultant Moni Castaneda to a new Feng Shui healing modality called Angelic Feng Shui to help and empower people to clear the energy of their home, cars, land, money and all personal and real property.

I highly recommend the two sound healing MP3 recordings we created as a simple, easy and effortless way to clear, heal and release Feng Shui and energetic weaknesses and imbalances from your home, car, electronics and all real and personal property.






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