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Magical Zapper Tool Audio Recordings

I am so excited! Last week I launched my newest and most powerful clearing tool to date - the Magical Zapper! I got that I could create some powerful mp3 audio recordings to help people to tap into the power of the Magical Zapper without having to be attuned to use it.

What I love about this new guided meditation recording is that you get to CHOOSE what negative thought, feeling, condition or relationship you would like to clear. I then walk you through several layers of clearing this in a fifteen minute guided meditation. The price is $47.

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This mp3 taps into the power of the Magical Zapper to clear a lot of the crazy energies that we are exposed to every day. Some of the 34 clearing transmissions are for clearing fear; emotional wounding; stuff we take on from others; interference, etc. The price is $47.

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I have been using I AM decrees (affirmations starting with the words I AM) for many years. This mp3 helps you to tap into the power of the Magical Zapper to help you to embrace, express and embody over fifty soul attributes: The good stuff like love, abundance, gratitude, joy, happiness, etc.) The price is $47.

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How the Magical Zapper Tool Works

Basically the Magical Zapper Tool taps into all of clearing and healing work that I have downloaded and incorporates it into one very powerful clearing tool. The purpose of the Magical Zapper Tool is to clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve negative thoughts and feelings across time, space, directions, dimensions, vectors and angles. When you run the Magical Zapper Tool, some of the areas it scans, clears and healing negative thoughts, feelings, memories, patterns, influences, weaknesses, imbalances, programming and interference from:

Our Consciousness and Morphogenetic Fields;
Our Energetic Spaces, Fields, Organs, Systems and Bodies;
Our Bloodline, Ancestral and Genetic Lineages;
Our Aura, Chakras, Meridians, Strange Flows, Miraculous Vessels, Nadi and Acupuncture Energy Points;
Our Atomic, Subatomic and Quantum Fields, Parts and Particles;
Our Minds, Brains, Neuronets, Personality Self/Selves;

Our Genetics, Epigenetics, DNA, RNA, Chromosomes, Genome and Epigenome;
This Life, Past Lives, Parallel Lives and Future Lives;

The Creation Point or Origin Point where the negative thought or feeling originated.







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