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Mega Spiritual Healing Sessions Healer Training

I view the first twelve years of my healing and enlightenment practice as a jigsaw puzzle. The first major piece of the puzzle was the Angelic Mastery Healing and Enlightenment modality; then a year or two later Practical Mastery came in; next the Mastery Sequences; then the Universal Clearing Profile; followed by the healing art images, Heart Oriented Ascension activations, Crystalline Rainbow Reiki, Blasting Sessions, Angelic Heart Star Reiki, Angelic Feng Shui,etc.

In late 2011, I had assembled enough pieces of the puzzle to bring in a line of Mega Healing and Enlightenment sessions that could tap into the power of all of the healing and enlightenment work that I had been doing up until then. These sessions were so powerful that I was able to incorporate them into the Healing Support Plans I began offering in June of 2012.

The energies of the Winter Solstice marked a completion cycle and I got that I could now begin attuning people to transmit Mega Healing and Enlightenment sessions to themselves and others. In early January of 2013, I perfected and downloaded over 200 Mega Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment Sessions for Energetic Healing; Physical Healing; Emotional Healing; Mental Healing, Spiritual Healing, Money Healing and Relationships Healing.

I wanted to create a very simple, user friendly approach to this training. I feel that a lot of healing modalities are extremely complex and more sourced in the mind than in the heart. The three goals I have for this training program are:

  1. Combine, consolidate and unify ALL of the spiritual healing and enlightenment work that I do into one modality.

  2. Create a comprehensive set of spiritual healing sessions to help people to heal themselves, create a life that works and realize as much of their full and true potential as they can.

  3. Create a simple, turnkey approach or system of healing that can be explained in less than ten pages of instructions.



In order to prepare people to become Mega Healing and Enlightenment Sessions Practitioners, I got that I should give each practitioner access to some additional healing and enlightenment activations. The ones that came up were:

  • Healer Support Package of MP3 Audio Activations ($97 value)

  • 20 Healing 101 Activations ($97 value)

  • 20 Spiritual Growth 101 Activations ($97 value)

  • 20 Relationship Healing 101 Activations ($97 value)

  • 20 Money Healing 101 Activations ($97 value)


Ordering Instructions

The cost of the Mega Spiritual Healing Sessions Healer Training is $2,000. I will send you a download link page and attune you manually for this modality within three business days after I receive the order.

Mega Healing and Enlightenment Sessions Training ($2,000)





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