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Practical Mastery Spiritual Healer Training

The Practical Mastery (PM) Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment modality is my Self Help, Healing and Enlightenment Encyclopedia. The goal of Practical Mastery is to empower you to live as a master in a third dimensional planet.  This body of work helps you realize your full potential and experience optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well being on all levels.

Practical Mastery(tm) is a series of frequencies and sessions that helps people clear negative energy patterns, release dysfunctional beliefs, embody positive emotions and become more peaceful and centered. Practical Mastery (tm) gives people tools to assist them in becoming enlightened. Perhaps the biggest benefit from becoming attuned to Practical Mastery is the freedom that you experience personally as you release thousands of blocks, barriers and layers of self sabotage that you did not know you were surrounded with.

When I created this modality I meditated about what Practical Mastery was all about. This is what I got:

Practical Mastery(tm) is not so much a healing modality but a set of tools for activating and accessing the divine within you. Each person's experience with Practical Mastery (tm) will be individually unique. These tools will propel you into greater levels of your mastery that no one healing modality on this planet can offer at this time. They are a special dispensation offered to those masters here on the planet who are ready to soar to the next levels of their mastery.


There are over six hundred Practical Mastery healing and enlightenment sessions. The six broad groups of sessions are:

1.    Clearing sessions to release negative energy;

2.    Profile Purge sessions to clear negative and dysfunctional programming
  from the subconscious mind;

3.    Healing Profile sessions to achieve optimal physical health and well being;

4.    Emotional Mastery sessions to clear fear-oriented emotions and to
  strengthen love-oriented emotions;

5.    Abundance sessions to heal your relationship with money;

6.   Enlightenment sessions to clear, heal, grow, evolve, expand and
  upgrade with ease and grace.



Two Practical Mastery(tm) Practitioner Training Options

Many people who are drawn to my self-help and healer training programs have never been trained in spiritual healing at all. My user-friendly approach is to attune people to transmit Practical Mastery healing and enlightenment sessions to themselves and others.

1.    Practitioner Attunement: You can transmit all of the Practical Mastery and the first four levels of Crystalline DNA Activations not only to yourself but also to your family, friends and clients.


2.    Practitioner Attunement with One Healer Training Module You can transmit all of the Practical Mastery and the first four levels of Crystalline DNA Activations not only to yourself but also to your family, friends and clients. Practitioner attunement also includes One Healer Training Module and Six Raising YOUR Vibration Mastery Activations.







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