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Welcome to the Angelic Spa! 

My name is Bill Austin and I am honored to be your host as you bask in the multi-dimensional healing energies and frequencies of the Angelic Spa.   The Angelic Spa is a session that I co-created with the angelic healers of light.  It is a template of many healing frequencies and energies from the angelic healers of light.  Please take a moment and connect with the energy of the Angelic Spa and ask your Higher Self or Soul if this is appropriate for you at this time. Enjoy...  the water is nice and warm today.




Learn About the Most Popular and Cost-Effective Way to Work with Healer Bill Austin!

I choose to participate in The Daily Energetic Support Program! How much does it cost?

The cost to participate in this program is just $77 for individuals per month or $107 per month for two people.  Since each of these two daily healing sessions would normally be priced at $40, this means YOU receive over $2,300 of healing support each month for less than $3 per day,