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Spiritual Energy Healing

My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, writer and visionary. I have been helping people to heal themselves for over twelve years and I would love to help you as well!  Spiritual energy healing is very effective because it addresses and treats the SOURCE rather than the symptoms of energetic weaknesses, imbalances, illness and disease states. Below are some of my recommendations for people seeking spiritual healing solutions for themselves and their family.


Mega Healing and Enlightenment Session Recordings

When I began offering the Healing Membership Plan in June 2012, I began recording four Mega Healing and Enlightenment Sessions each month for Healing Support Plan participants. Each Mega Healing and Enlightenment session recording is extremely powerful because it taps into the combined power of ALL of my major healing and enlightenment modalities and tools (Practical Mastery™, Angelic Mastery™, Universal Clearing Profile, Blasting Sessions, Crystalline Rainbow Reiki and Angelic Heart Star Reiki). What I love about these Mega Healing and Enlightenment MP3 recordings is that each time you listen to them you will receive another layer and level of healing.


Daily Healing Support Programs

I decided to create four Daily Support Programs for Healing, Spiritual Growth, Money and Relationships! :Each of these four support programs contains four general clearing and healing transmissions and over twenty targeted transmissions a day meet the needs of my customers who are looking for help on healing, spiritual growth, money and relationships. I tried to make these programs as affordable as possible so more people could take advantage of them. Each Daily Support Program costs less than $2 a day.



Self Directed Healing Program

Several years ago, I placed a lot of the most powerful Practical Mastery and Angelic Mastery Spiritual Energy Healing and Enlightenment sessions on to videos. I then packaged together most of the energy healing videos into a Self Directed Healing Program. The first group is comprised of thirty spiritual healing videos and the second group contains thirty enlightenment videos and audio recordings. You save over 80% or more than $1,100 when you order this comprehensive package. As soon as you place your order, you will be sent to a download page where you can proceed to view the videos at your own pace.


Create YOUR Own Spiritual Healing Session

Each person is unique energetically and we all have core soul issues and deep-rooted challenges - often originating in early childhood or past lifetimes.  When you order a Create YOUR Own Energy Healing session, you identify the core issue or pattern that you want me to focus on and I will transmit a distant healing session to help clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve as much of that issue and the associated patterns as can be done at one time with ease and grace. When I transmit these healing sessions, I tap into the power of all of the healing and enlightenment modalities and tools I have created so they are very powerful. The more information you email me about the issue, the more powerful this healing will be.


Healing Membership Plans

During the twelve years I have been a spiritual healer and energy healing facilitator I have found that some clients like sessions while others prefer to order healer training products and tools. When I am working on myself, however, I find it most powerful for me to work with a spiritual healing facilitator and simultaneously work on myself using a lot of the spiritual energy healing resources I have created over time. I created the Turquoise and Rainbow Spiritual Spiritual Energy Healing Support Plans to help clients who want to ignite and accelerate their healing process through the powerful combination of receiving energy healing services while working with spiritual healing products as well.

Spiritual Healing Support Plans






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