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Bill's Favorite Blog Articles on Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

I created the blog to help share some of my insights on "How to Create a Life that Works!" The major sections are for healing, money, relationships and spiritual growth.  Here are my favorite blog posts on spiritual growth and enlightenment:

1.  Enhance the Quality of Your Life by Taking Yourself OFF of Auto Pilot!

2.  Why Should I Forgive People who Wrong Me?

3.  How to Live More Authentically.

4.  Living in the World of Infinite Potentiality!

5.  The ABCs of Spiritual Growth: Attitude, Balance & Commitment

6.  Pitfalls on the Spiritual Path.

7.  Your Life is YOUR Path; Your Life is YOUR Answer!

8.  Four Word Self Help Tips for Spiritual Growth.

9.  Spiritual Growth Tips and Quotes, Part 1

10.  Spiritual Growth Tips and Quotes, Part 2


Embrace, Express and Embody YOUR Soul Guided Meditation

When I meditated as to what would be the best topic for a spiritual growth meditation, I got that I should help people to embrace, express and embody their soul. This recording contains two visualization exercises to help you to connect more deeply with your soul and helps you to clear blocks to living authentically and being true to yourself, to embody the attributes of your soul and to re-script your life as if you had always had a strong soul connection.  Cost is $27.

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Healing YOUR Relationships Guided Meditation

People often come to me seeking healing for their relationships. I decided to create a guided meditation to go after a lot of the relationship issues I see in the people I work with. The first part of this guided meditation helps clear out a lot of core stuff like toxic family of origin programming and karma. The second part contains a lot of healing transmissions for your family, friends, partners and co-workers. The third part of this meditation can be used to heal your most important relationships. Cost is $27.

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