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Bill's Favorite Blog Articles for Healing Your Relationships

I created the blog to help share some of my insights on "How to Create a Life that Works!" The major sections are for healing, money, relationships and spiritual growth.  Here are my favorite blog posts for healing  your relationships.

1.  Why Should I Forgive People who Wrong Me?

2.  Some of Bill's Favorite Relationship Quotes, Part 1

3.  Some of Bill's Favorite Relationship Quotes, Part 2

4.  How to Live More Authentically

5.  Playing Nicely with One Another: Energetic Dynamics of Relationships!

6.  Clear and Heal Your Family Relationships

7.  Clear, Transmute, Heal and Release Energetic Cores and Hooks

8.  Four Word Self Help Tips for Relationships

9.  Choosing to Be Happy

10.  Affirmations for Healing Relationships

relationship healing affirmations




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