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Bill's Favorite Blog Articles on Money, Abundance, Prosperity and Success

I created the blog to help share some of my insights on "How to Create a Life that Works!" The major sections are for healing, money, relationships and spiritual growth.  Here are my favorite blog posts on money, abundance, prosperity and success:

1.  What Type of Relationship do YOU Have with Money?

2.  If You Want to Succeed, Focus on Self Love!

3.  Wealth is a Matter of Consciousness!

4.  Ten Underlying Principles of Financial Management.

5.  The New Rules for Success!

6.  Affirmations for Abundance, Prosperity and Success

7.  Four Word Self Help Tips for Money.

8.  Visualization Exercises for Wealth, Health and Relationships

9.  Affirmations Poster for Abundance, Prosperity & Success

10.  Living in the World of Infinite Potentiality!


Healing YOUR Relationship with Money Guided Meditation

As many of you know healing your relationship with money is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart and of course I wrote my first book on this topic. This is a very powerful guided meditation with over 45 powerful transmissions to help you heal and transform your relationship with money. Cost is $27.

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Opening to Receive YOUR Highest Good!

This guided meditation helps you to become clear about what you want to receive; to release self sabotage and inner conflict around money; to tap into the power of gratitude; to release blocks to being fully present in your body and grounding into the NOW. It also helps you to align with your heart and soul; to clear blocks to being open to receive your highest good and a powerful re-scripting visualization technique.  Cost is $27.

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