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Daily Energetic Healing Support Program

The Daily Energetic Support Program is the most cost effective way for you to receive daily spiritual healing support from spiritual healer Bill Austin.

What Would YOUR Life Be Like if YOU Realized Your Full Potential?

Just living in today's world is sometimes like being in a circus act! We constantly juggle the demands of work, home and family, and these responsibilities can become quite a challenge. I've found that most people face the same issues regardless of age, sex, income or location. That's why I designed this popular, comprehensive Daily Holistic Health Support Program as a cost effective way to help people confront those day-to-day challenges with ongoing holistic healing support. 

Over the last ten years I've helped people all over the world to realize more of their full potential and to enhance the quality of their daily lives.  Isn't it worth less than $3 per day to receive 3 to 4 daily streams of holistic healing energy directed to help you improve your self-esteem, heal your body, relieve stress, become prosperous, and feel happy


"Thanks for providing the Daily Spiritual Healing Support Program!  Every day I feel your energy healing sessions come through and they make a huge difference to how I feel and how the day flows for me.  It is a great value compared to what I have spent in the past with other practitioners for one session, especially as this is multiple daily sessions.  It's really helped maintain and improve my quality of life. This has been a great investment in my well being and I highly recommend it."   

Melinda Knights , Animal Communicator and Healer in Melbourne, Australia



I Want To Participate In The Daily Holistic Healing Program! What is The Cost For Monthly Support?

The cost to participate in this Program is $77 for individuals per month, $107 per month for two people and $10 per month per pet.  Single healing sessions are normally priced at $40.  For less than $3 per day, your investment in the Daily Energetic Support Program saves you over $3,500 per month

I'm Ready to Order! What Do I Do Next?

Simply click the box to select your preference, and then fill out the secure online form to proceed with your order. You can use PayPal or your credit card to make your purchase.  Participation in this Program is set up as a recurring fee that can be cancelled at any time.  Should you choose to cancel, just return to this page and click on the "Cancel Subscription" button.

Please Note: I will need to know the name and location of each Program participant so that I can tune into their energy fields. Any information about what areas you would like me to help you in and a current picture of you is also very much appreciated. I do need permission to work on people over 12 years old prior to participation in the Program.  Click here to email me this information as soon as you place your order.


To order the Daily Holistic Healing Health Support Program for One Person:


To order the Daily Holistic Health Support Program for Two People:




Healing Support for Animal Friends and Companions

In late 2009, I extended the Daily Holistic Healing Support Program to include animals. Our animal friends and companions take on so much negative energy from human beings that I wanted to help them out as well as their owners. Each day I transmit healing energies several times a day to pets that are enrolled in the program - not only to help them to heal themselves but also to help them clear out negative energy from humanity. I find that animals often are more open to receive healing energies than human beings are - much less self sabotage and self imposed limitations to accepting and receiving healing.

Please email me at information about all pets enrolled in the program: especially their name, age, location and general health condition of each animal participant.  I do like to receive a picture of the pet if at all possible!

To order the Daily Holistic Support Program for Pets click here ($10 per month for each pet; recurring payment; can be cancelled at any time): 



I just wanted to write and say a HUGE Thank You for all the healing work you have been doing for me. Since I joined your Daily Holistic Healing Support Program early in 2007, I began noticing subtle changes occurring in my life. Things that have been off kilter and not in a good way for years, strangely began to 'right' themselves. I have no other way of expressing it but that is what began happening, fairly slowly but steadily and noticeably. I'll definitely be staying with the program for as long as is needed. Thanks again Bill for consistently being there, for always being quick to respond and for your patience, understanding and above all, for helping me to make some very necessary changes in my life.  (Derek S, London)





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